Braden Kowitz

Hello, I’m a design leader based in San Francisco.


Led the consumer design team of 17 amazing designers, researchers, and writers. Together we launched Link across 6 Stripe products, and launched the first versions of pay by bank, and crypto onramp. Led product design for checkout experiences.
2021 +2 yrs
Co-founded Range, with a mission to build effective teams through software. Led Product and Design, building a product that was loved by teams at Twitter, Carta, Coursera, and more.
2017 +4 yrs
Pioneered the role of Design in VC. Built the GV design team. Together we invented and popularized the Design Sprint, including writing a NYT best selling book. I worked with over 100 startups, coaching designers and design leaders.
2010 +7 yrs
Designed and launched the first versions of Google Workspace, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Trends. Early contributor to Gmail.
2005 +4 yrs
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My approach

Product Discovery

I'm passionate about helping cross-functional teams build a process of product discovery: systematically exploring an opportunity-solution space through user research, prototyping, and in-market tests.

Effective Teams

Building healthy teams requires attention to the fundamentals: Building trust and vulnerability, helping people get in the groove so they can focus on what they do best, and creating opportunities for growth.


I don't believe in design for its own sake. My approach is cross-functional collaboration, bringing design methods to bear on our key business challenges, whether that's in marketing, product, or strategy.

Craft & Quality

Design has a key role within organizations to lead the way towards a culture of quality. That includes leaders setting a very high bar, and the whole team building their skillsets of critique, analysis, and exploration.

About me

When I'm not deep in work, you'll usually find me enjoying the outdoors with my family and friends. I live in the Mission District of San Francisco, and get around the city almost exclusively by bike. We love our cargo bike for family adventures, which is why I'm a strong advocate for improving our civic infrastructure to keep vulnerable road users safe.

When I escape the bounds of SF, it's usually to go hiking or backpacking with friends. I love living in the bay area and I'm immensely grateful for ability to experience the nature and beauty California has to offer.